Who we are?

We are an ambitious, creative and development-oriented company. We are used to think outside the box. We do not create anything mediocre because it is simply not us. Mediocrity is not admired by anyone. We admire those who are elevated above the crowd and inspire with their own unique example. They do something what no one else has done before. They are daring, inspire with courage, are independent and they show it.

We like to create something that only you will have and nobody else. We are motivated by passion. Our wish is to inspire you with our uniqueness. It does not matter how big or small your project is. We devote each project the same passion and care. We like to take our time and listen to your wishes.

Company presentation

The Nopromat company was established in 2008, and its principal activity is the automation of work processes, robotisation and machine maintenance. In building up machines, we take into account wishes and needs of our clients and offer solutions that are technically and economically the most advantageous.
At our work we use brands of recognized manufacturers worldwide in order to provide the desired quality of product or service.

The Nopromat company offers you automation and robotics solutions in automotive, rubber, wood, metalworking, foundry, construction and plastics industry.